New Products WJF Instrumentation Ltd. 

Here are some of our latest products::

Multisensor THM and VOC Monitors

Detection of VOC's and THM's
For Water/Wastewater Applications

Multisensor MS2000 THM Datasheet
Intempco Temperature, Level, Pressure, Humidity, Motion Sensors

Intempco Industrial Temperature, Level, Pressure, Humidity & Motion Sensors
Kobold KP46 Explosion-Proof Pressure Transducer

Kobold KP46 Explosion-Proof Pressure Transducer
ACD GENie Calibration Gas System

ACD GENie Calibration Gas System for ppm Level Ozone, Hydrogen, Ammonia
Walchem EWN-Y Pump with EFS Flow Sensor

Walchem EWN-Y Chemical Feed Pump
Walchem EFS Magmeter for EWN-Y Pump
Knick Transmitters, Controllers, Systems, Meters

Knick Stratos Pro Datasheet
Knick Stratos Eco pH Datasheet
Knick Stratos Eco Conductivity Datasheet
Knick Protos Datasheet
Knick Unical 9000 System Datasheet
Knick Portavo S Portable Meter Datasheet
Knick Portamess Portable Meter Datasheet

Free, Total & Combined Residual Chlorine Monitor
& Useful for Determination of Monochloramines

SWAN AMI Codes-II CC Handout.pdf

Chimney with Smoke Aeration Tanks Temperature Gauge Industrial Plant Glass of Water Fire

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